Who let the dogs out?

Never Have I Ever: Met my favourite sports team!

I love rugby. It’s my favourite sport to watch and although lately I’ve been watching a lot of union, the rugby league season is upon us and the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are my all time favourite sports team. Ever since I can remember I have been a bulldogs fan, I stuck by them through the good times and the bad times. I gloated and gloated and gloated every year we were in the top 4 and took the teasing that came with the wooden spoon (Even hung up a wooden spoon painted blue and white which my family gave to me in 2008) and I finally  I go to meet them on 27.02.2014.

 I was legitimately so excited, like a kid in a candy store! One of the things on my bucket list this year was to meet at least 5 bulldogs players and get proof that I met them (basically get a picture or autograph) and today I well and truly beat that record. I met ex players like Steve Turner and Terry Lamb as well as some of the teams best and biggest players for 2014. Although I was most excited to meet Josh Reynolds, Josh Morris and Michael Ennis, I ended up walking away from the day with some new favourites – Moses Mbye and Chase Stanley. They were so funny and so nice to me! They sang, danced and seemed to genuinely be having a good time, quote of the day goes to Moses Mbye:

“Can I PLEASE sign his butt cheek? Yeah? Okay! I’ll sign the right one and you [chase stanley] sign the left one.  hahaha I’m signing his cheek. Yessss”

The players are really funny and nice (Even though a few of them were trying to sell me merchandise for at least double it’s worth) I had an absolutely great afternoon and can’t wait for another chance to meet them! 😀

 It was such a great afternoon and I am still buzzing! I have finally crossed something big off my bucket list and it feels so rewarding! The football season hasn’t even started yet and I’m so excited to go to games and to see how far we get this season!

I realise that you’re probably thinking I’m over reacting to just meeting a football team but I can’t explain it- it was just so exciting! All the players were so nice to me and it seemed like they all actually wanted to be there! They even signed my teddy even though that’s probably the girliest thing I could have possibly got them to sign.

Today totally confirmed the fact that  for me, the best sport is rugby and also that “My Type” is footballers. They’re all so tall and muscularly and I really want to marry about half of the bulldogs team, not even kidding!

Here are some happy snaps from today, I legit spammed my twitter, facebook and insta and my friends probably hate me but I don’t even care, it was totally worth it. Doggies for life! 😀


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